Andorra represents one of four bids submitted to the International Ski Federation (FIS) to be the host of the 2027 Alpine World Ski Championship. The championship has a 90-year history, holding the first competition in 1931 at the Mürren mountains in Switzerland. The event occurs every 2 years at many locations around the world, including sites in Europe, Asia, and North America. Because the host cities need time to prepare, the FIS selects a host many years in advance. The 2023 and 2025 are set for France and Austria, respectively. 

This is Andorra’s first bid to host the championship despite hosting smaller events in the past. Andorra’s bid is unique not only because this is their first bid, but also because they are proposing the whole country be the host. Most often, the hosts offer one ski park to host the various competitions. However, Andorra has gone a different direction and has formed a plan to spread the event over multiple parks within the small country.

Andorra is up against three other bids: Narvik in Norway, Crans Montana in Switzerland, and Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany. All three of the other bids have hosted the competition before, so Andorra is the “rookie” of the group. With all the bids submitted, the FIS will begin the decision-making process. They will announce the winner in May 2022 at the FIS Congress. 

Andorra’s unique pitch has support from the country, including the hotel and hospitality groups. Having multiple ski slopes available for competition allows for dispersion of large crowds and using the central capital as the medaling site serves as a place for the spectators and athletes to come together. In addition, Andorra’s development plans have sustainability and inclusion in mind, which are two key pillars of the United Nations vision. 

Winning the bid to host the Alpine World Ski Championship would be a huge boost for Andorra’s tourism and ski economy. Andorra has already made concerted efforts to improve their infrastructure to be able to support an event of this scale. Many of their top resorts link together, giving skiers easy access to all connected slopes. While Andorra certainly faces tough competition from the other bidding countries, they hope their proposal sets them apart. We will have to wait and see what the FIS decides next year, but Andorra has a good chance at being the host for the 2027 competition and showing off their country as a ski destination.